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Life as a student in Portobelllo

The Portobello area is situated in between Notting Hill and Westbourne Green. It is the perfect location if you are looking for easy transport links into central London when commuting to your place of study. Portobello student accommodation has a lot to offer, too, but how do you know if it will be the right place for you? Here, we’re giving you a brief insight into life as a student in the Portobello area in order to help you decide the best place to live.

What’s Life Like as a Student in the Portobello Area?

Some may assume that due to the close proximity of Portobello to Notting Hill that the two areas would be extremely similar. You may also think that prices for Portobello student accommodation would be exactly the same, too. However, whilst the thriving area of Notting Hill is only a short walk away, Portobello has its own independent character and charm and on average, lower rent. It has an array of markets, particularly those catered to fashion and vintage items. So, if you are a fashion student, or simply love wandering round market stalls, this could be an ideal place for you to live. It also has some pretty popular bakeries in the area, including the Hummingbird Bakery which is renowned for its red velvet cupcakes.


Proximity to Beaumont House:

From the student living quarters at Beaumont House, the Portobello area is only a 10-minute walk away. If you were to rent and live in one of our student rooms, this would allow you to experience all that Portobello has to offer within easy walking distance. We take great pride in our prime location which gives students ideal access to all the exciting areas and events in West London.