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Studying at Imperial College

There are so many factors to consider when choosing Imperial College London student accommodation, but location is almost certainly the most important one. Consider where you want to be based and how far it will take you to commute before committing to your student room. At Beaumont House, we offer a brilliant location that allows easy access to Imperial College London in under half an hour.

Imperial College London, also known as the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, was ranked as the top University in London for 2017-2018. Its renowned status prompts many people to travel from all over the globe to study there and as such, it has a large international community. Imperial College London student accommodation is on offer and there is a great number of undergraduate halls available. However, the distance of these student rooms from the main campus vary from just a 5-minute walk to almost a two hour trek! This is why so many students choose to rent privately and opt for a less expensive area. At Beaumont House, we aim to provide students at any London University with accommodation that is affordable and in a great location. What’s more, we go the extra mile to offer international student services in order to make moving away from home that little bit easier.


Imperial College London’s main campus is in South Kensington, close to some luxury shopping areas, as well as Notting Hill and the famous Portobello Market. It is an area rich with things to do and is well connected via transport links; the nearest station is Latimer Road.

How to get to Birkbeck from Beaumont House

Making your way to Imperial College London from Beaumont House starts with an 8-minute walk to Queensway Underground Station. From here, you’ll take the Central Line to White City Station and then it is just a 9-minute walk to the Imperial College London campus. The total journey time should take around 24 minutes to complete.