Frequently asked questions

If you require more information please give us a call directly on: +44 (0)203 195 3214.
Alternatively request a call back.

How can I reserve the room?

8 weeks rent in advance is required to secure all bookings. This payment is then offset against the total amount due for the full contract term

Can I pay in instalments?

Subsequent to paying the 8 weeks rent, you can pay the balance for the contract term in full or alternatively, 4 weeks rent will be due on the first of each month. A payment schedule will be detailed in your agreement

How can I pay?

Bank transfer or cash. We do not accept card or cheques

When do I get my contract?

Contracts and receipts are issued once the advanced payment has been received. A standard contract template can be provided upon request if the applicant wishes to view the content prior to making a payment

What happens if I terminate my contract early?

A contract once signed is legally binding. You will still be liable for all rent due unless you find a suitable replacement to take over your contract.  

Do you take a deposit?

No. We only take an advanced 8 weeks rent payment  

Can I have friends or relatives come to stay?

Under management discretion we do allow overnight guests but in our single rooms only. Management must be notified and guests must log in and out of our guest register

What is the difference between your 1 bedder (deluxe) and 1 bedder (standard) rooms?

The only difference is floor space.

Are there any other charges, or additional fees?

No. All bills are included in the rental value of the room

Do you provide essentials, such a bedding (duvets/pillows/sheets), utensils and cutlery etc?

No, but we do have lots of places locally where you can buy these items

When can I come in for a viewing?

Viewing times are Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

Is there a curfew time?

No you can access the building at anytime using your key fob.

Is there security?

Although we do not have security guards, we do have CCTV and key fob system