Ideas for Your University Summer Holidays

Making the Most of Your University Summer Holidays

The university summer holidays tend to be a really long break, providing you with plenty of opportunities to relax and pursue your interests outside of your studies. However, the long stretch of time can even seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what to do with it! We’ve put together some ideas to help you make the most of your summer break.

Go travelling

The long summer holidays are the perfect time to go travelling. Once you’re tied down with a full-time job after university, you may not get the same opportunity for a long time! Whether you go backpacking across Europe, head to New York for the first time or fulfil your dream of going to Japan, there are so many different places worth visiting while you have the time.

Catch up with old friends

It’s so easy to lose touch with people while you’re at university. Often, you’re spread across a whole country or even across the world, and with deadlines and exams it can be hard to find the time to meet up or talk. The uni summer holidays are ideal for catching up with old friends. With all the stress of your workload off your shoulders, you can focus more on your social life.

Look into study or work abroad opportunities

If you can’t afford to go travelling during the holidays, you could always look at working abroad to earn some money. This is a great way to experience different cultures and make new memories without breaking the bank. Wherever you choose to go - London, Budapest, Tokyo or Toronto - you will likely be able to find cheap accommodation and a flexible job which lets you explore.

Get a part-time job or internship placement

If working abroad doesn’t appeal to you, you can always get a part-time job in your university town or city and earn some extra cash. The majority of universities will also advertise internships over the summer holidays, and a lot of these will be paid, so it’s worth getting in touch with the careers department and seeing how they can help you.

Start planning and organising

As the university holidays draw to a close, you might consider spending the last few weeks planning and organising for the next year of your studies. This is particularly important in the summer before you begin university - you need to make a moving in checklist, buy all of your essentials, register in all the right places and generally make sure you’re prepared!

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