Creating Your University Bucket List

Creating Your University Bucket List

Unfortunately, university doesn’t last forever. That’s why you need to make the most out of your time there while you can. The university environment is completely unique, and not something you are likely to encounter at any other point in your life.

There’s no time like the present to get working on your university bucket list. If you’re a first year student still getting to grips with living away from home, listing all the wonderful and exciting things you want to do over the next few years is a great way to get excited about being at university. If you’re only weeks away from your graduation, it’s not too late! Write your list and make these last few weeks the most fun and frantic you’ve had since you started studying.

Everyone’s bucket list is personal, as only you know what you want to see and do. However,  sometimes you need a starting point, so here are some ideas to help you organise your university bucket list before you move on.

Places you want to visit

Going to university is an amazing opportunity to get to know a new city and, with the more flexible timetable of a student, you’re not limited to only seeing that city on the weekends among the bustling crowds. Visiting your city’s hotspots should definitely be on your university bucket list.

Are there are any must-see spots in the city that you haven’t visited yet? Has someone recommended a specific place to you? Even if you have no fixed locations to visit, just wandering and exploring the city by foot - the way you would on a holiday - can be a great way of discovering some hidden gems you never knew existed.

This doesn’t even have to be limited to the city your university is in - there are often fantastic attractions in the surrounding areas, with a completely different vibe to the city itself.

Food you want to eat

Are there places you’ve always wanted to try but have never found the time? Is there a restaurant that’s just opened? Is there a takeaway you’ve been curious about since your first year?

There’s never a shortage of places to eat in university towns, so why not turn it into a game for yourself? Try and find out who does the best Thai food in the city. The best pizza. This isn’t just limited to restaurants either. Which is the best bar? The best pub? Who serves the best pint or the best G&Ts?

A lot of eateries in university towns also have food challenges if that’s your thing – the stipulation often being that if you can finish the food in the time limit, you don’t have to pay. These challenges aren’t for those with small appetites though, the portions are meant to be intimidatingly large.

Uni traditions you want to take part in

Does your university have any unique traditions you’ve heard other students talking about? These traditions can range from epic pub crawls to camping out overnight or jumping into a lake after a final exam. Maybe completing one of the eating challenges mentioned earlier is a legendary achievement at your university, or perhaps a brisk hike to a nearby landmark on the first day of a new term is customary.

Each university has its own set of traditions, either officially recognised by the university, or as secrets held and passed down by students. If you want to know which traditions should be on your university bucket list, ask around. You’re sure to get some weird and wonderful answers.

Societies you want to join

Societies are a great way to make the most out of your university experience, and they’re not as limited as the clubs you may have been a part of in school. Because they’re created and run by students, there’s a university society for almost everything.

There are societies for almost every sport you can name, as well as for certain interests or hobbies and even for particular groups of students. Groups such as the postgraduate society and the various international student societies are great for meeting people who are in a similar situation to you.

It may be daunting at first to join a society, but remember, everyone is in the same boat as you are. You’ll be one of many new members, and existing members will be glad to have you, as you will be helping to keep the society going. Joining a society should be on everyone’s university bucket list.

There will be many things you want to do before you leave university and many more you’ve yet to discover, so make sure you keep your university bucket list updated. That way, when you leave, you’ll know you’ve had a full and rich experience.

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