Our Advice for Studying Abroad in London

Our Advice for Studying Abroad in London

London is an eclectic and exciting city but studying abroad anywhere can be daunting. Living and studying overseas can be a difficult adjustment at first, but there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier.

Here’s our advice for those who are currently or soon to be studying abroad in London so that you can make the most of your experience.

Get advice from people who have already done it

The best source of information for international students studying in London is advice from the people who have already done it. Whether they are currently studying themselves or graduated some time ago, people with first-hand experience of your situation are invaluable.

Whilst universities offer assistance for international students in navigating their new surroundings, people who have already been through the experience will be able to offer more specific advice. They will also have insider information, such as good places to eat or do your shopping, and can tell you if there are any areas of the city where students from your country tend to live.

If you don’t know anyone first-hand, try looking on your university’s social media pages for any international students or alumni groups, where you will be able to ask for advice.

Join international student groups and societies

Most universities have societies or groups for international students. Whilst some are more generally for any international students, there may also be a society for students from your specific country.

All of these societies will have groups or pages on social media and are very easy to track down. If you can’t find them online, there will likely be representatives from the societies around during Freshers’ Week to point you in the right direction.

International student groups are a great way for those studying in London to feel more at home. You will no doubt make plenty of friends on your course and through your accommodation, but these societies are perfect for meeting people in the same situation as you.

Be prepared to budget – London can be expensive

As wonderful as it is, London can be one of the most expensive places in the UK. This shouldn’t put you off studying here, however, as it has so much to offer. It just means you need to be prepared to budget.

It is unlikely you will have enough money to do everything you want to do in London without some extra income from a part-time job, for example.

Make sure you know how much you will be spending regularly on rent, bills and groceries, and keep that money aside so that you don’t end up spending that money on anything non-essential. Running out of money can really spoil your experience, so to get the most out of studying in London, be sure to budget!

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Find accommodation which fits with your budget

As part of your budget planning, you should shop around for the most appropriate accommodation. Before you go to London, work out how much money you have, and how much your chosen accommodation will cost over the year. Ask yourself if that is a reasonable amount to spend or if there are cheaper options.

Whilst you must be comfortable in the place you choose to live, to get the most out of studying abroad in London, you need to be out and about in the city. Therefore, your accommodation doesn’t need to provide all of your entertainment; just security and comfort. The public transport in London is incredible so, no matter where you live, you won’t be far from a way to get around the city.

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Make the most of all the fun things to do!

Enjoy yourself! The best thing about studying abroad in London is how much there is to do. London is a very international city with a huge portion of its population made up of people who have come from abroad to work and study, meaning that there’s so much available that you might not experience anywhere else in the UK.

London is packed with tourist attractions, tours, restaurants, bars, events and sports, so you’ll never find yourself without something to do. Furthermore, each borough within London has its own unique personality, so travelling to boroughs outside the ones where you live and study is a great way to discover the vibrant character of the city.

We hope these tips for studying abroad in the capital have been helpful! For more guides to London and advice on living as a student, have a look at the blog.