Our Top Study Abroad Planning Tips

Our Top Study Abroad Planning Tips

Studying abroad is a great experience that many choose to take while at university. Whether you go abroad for one year within your course, or you have decided to take your entire university course in another country, there are lots of preparations that need to be made! Our study abroad planning tips are here to help you get organised before your big adventure.

Choose the university that’s right for you

Once you’ve settled on where you want to study, it’s important to do some research into the different universities so you can get an understanding of whether they will suit you. You might have a specific course in mind that’s only available at some institutions, or you might be interested in attending a university that’s renowned for a particular sport.

Find your student accommodation

It’s a good idea to get your student accommodation sorted before you actually move abroad - otherwise things can get pretty chaotic! You can do your research online, get advice from friends who have studied abroad and make some enquiries. The main thing to consider is finding accommodation that’s within your budget and available to you for the full period of time that you need it.

Discover international student groups to join

A great way to make friends abroad is by finding people who are in the same boat as you! Have a look at Facebook and on your university website to see if there are any international student groups or societies that you can join. You can read about how social media helped one of our students settle in and make friends in our recent interview.

Work out a way to transport your belongings

Whether you’re planning to study abroad for a term, a year, or even three years, you will definitely need to work out how to get all of your stuff to your new student accommodation. Some airlines will allow you to take multiple suitcases, but there will still be limits on how much you can bring. You should also research into shipping companies so you can get your stuff sent over in boxes, or even recruit friends and family to bring some when they visit!

Do some research before you arrive

Another key area of preparation for studying abroad is to do your research before you arrive. That way, you already know the great places to eat locally or bars which are popular with students. Arriving with some knowledge already under your belt will help you feel more relaxed and confident as you embark on your adventure!

Make sure you have all of your important documents

The final and most important thing to remember is to bring all your important documents with you including your passport, student visa, driving license and your letter of acceptance to the university. It’s probably also a good idea to bring any medical information and any academic certification from your previous study.

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