Moving In - Student House Checklist

Moving in Checklist

The weeks leading up to moving in day are arguably one of the most stressful. You have to adjust to the idea of moving away from home, leaving your family and friends and on top of all that pack everything you will need to survive away from home as a student.

Yet if you stay organised and move into your student accommodation fully prepared, it can be an easy experience. That’s why we’ve created a student house checklist; a list of the top things you should remember to take before you move into your student accommodation. This way you can move in without the worry that you’ve forgotten something important and start off your university experience the best way possible.



Remembering your own mattress protector, bottom sheet, bed linen, as well as your own duvet and pillows is a great way to ensure comfort out of your new uni bed.


Turning up with the bare minimum is only going to create unnecessary aggravation for you, so make sure you’ve got at least some cutlery, a plate, bowls cups and cooking ware.  You’ll most likely end up sharing cooking stuff with your flat mates so likewise you don’t need to take everything possible to be prepared.

Photos & pins

Being able to personalise your own room is a great way to make your uni room feel more like a home. So why not take some photos that remind you of your friends and family. Most uni accommodation will supply a pin board in their rooms, so remember to take some pins to put your photos up with.

Toiletries and cleaning supplies

This saves you having to do a massive shop at the start of your stay. And if you have an en-suite toilet, you may be required to clean your own bathroom.


Turning up prepared for lectures and seminars is a must and if you’ve got stationary that you’ve chosen, it’s a great incentive to get the work done from the very start.

Medical Kit/ Supplies

We all know that along with the partying and fun had in fresher’s week, there also comes bouts of fresher’s flu. It’s best to stay prepared with some pain killers and a few extras just in case.

Important documents

You’ll be needing to sign up for lots of things during your time at uni, especially during fresher’s week, so having the bare minimum of a passport of driving license handy is a must.


These are just a few of the top essentials on our student house checklist that you can use during your packing and preparation. There’s no doubt you will end up taking lots more with you, but as long as you have the basics then you will be set to go as soon as you get there.