Tips for Finding the Perfect Student Accommodation

How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation

Chosen the university you are going to study at? The next step is finding student accommodation. This can often feel like the most stressful part of your journey as a student, but at Beaumont House, we really understand the importance of finding a place that is perfect for you. Below are some of our student accommodation tips that we have put together to make your search that little bit easier.



This is often the number one factor people take into account when finding the perfect student accommodation. It plays such a big part in people’s decisions and is an important feature to take into account when considering how the location of your accommodation will affect your student budget.

Distance from university

You don’t need to be just around the corner from your university campus to have the ideal student accommodation, but you do need to be in a location that makes it practical to get there. When you are looking at accommodation, make sure you take into account where it is, and how far it will take you to get to university and whether or not you will need to seek alternative modes of transport to get there. If your accommodation isn’t within walking distance from your place of study, you need to consider how much you may need to put aside for transport costs and whether this is within your budget.

Distance from public transport/airport

If your accommodation is not within walking distance of your university campus, you should consider whether it has good transport links. If you are close to a train station or bus stop that will enable you to travel easily to study, this is a factor that could put one place of accommodation ahead of another. Additionally, if you have travelled far to get to your university, having a student pad that is close to an airport can be really important.

Distance from shops

It’s not just travel that factors into considering a specific location. It’s also whether you have easy access to supermarkets for your weekly food shop, or even a health centre within walking distance, as this will greatly reduce travel costs. 

Communal Facilities

As well as the room itself, you should look at what else is provided as part of the student accommodation package. Most places offer a laundry area, a reception to collect post and a team that you can speak to in the event of any problems. You may also want a communal space that enables you to meet other students and socialise outside of your own flat or room. This could be in the form of a shared kitchen or a relaxation space. Deciding on what you want from your set-up is one of our most important student accommodation tips. Have a think about what you want from the money you are paying. Here at Beaumont House, we offer all of our residents a unique International Student Services as part of the package. We prioritise making students feel as much at home as possible during their stay.



It’s not just about location or the things on offer at your chosen place of accommodation, your wellbeing is an absolute priority. Moving away from home can often seem daunting for first-time students, so ensuring your accommodation is secure and safe is highly important. Student accommodation will often have dedicated security services to guarantee you the best possible experience where and ensure you always have that peace of mind.


What’s on in the area?

Knowing what an area has to offer is one of our top student accommodation tips. You may have the perfect room that is located within a short walking distance from your campus, but the area may be lacking events and things to do to keep you busy in your spare time. Being able to socialise outside of the university space is really important. Why not check if your area has a social page set up for local events and things that are going on each month? As well as this, you should look into whether or not your chosen area has things to do and see, such as a cinema, shops or cafes. This may seem like a minor factor, but it could greatly affect your student experience.


These are just a few student accommodation tips that we feel are a good place to start when searching for the ideal student accommodation. Just remember, there is no rush to find somewhere to live and that there are so many different options out there.