Student Accommodation Advice - Settling In

Tips for Settling into Your Student Pad

We understand that moving into your new student pad can be nerve racking and having some tips that you can take with you is a great way to distinguish those first day nerves. With this in mind, we’ve provided you with some student accommodation advice that will ease you into student living.

Stay open-minded

When you move into your student pad, you could be living in a place that is very different from your own home. Likewise, you could be sharing communal spaces or a bedroom with people you wouldn’t normally socialise with. But this shouldn’t be something to be nervous about. Meeting new people and trying new things is an integral part of your student experience. Not everyone may be as clean or collected as yourself, so remember to take a deep breath and realise that dirty dishes aren’t the end of the world, and that having an open mind is the best way to approach settling into your student pad.

Be sociable

Getting to meet new people is arguably one of the best parts of moving into your student pad. Alongside your new-found independence, you get to meet a variety of different people from different places and cultures to your own and ultimately, you get to make some great friends for life. So, when you first move in, why not go round other rooms and introduce yourself to everybody. Perhaps prop your door open so people walking past can stop by for a chat. And even a simple offering of a drink or cup of tea is a great way to engage to people in conversation and break down the initial awkward barriers.

Keep things casual

You don’t have to be over the top or super loud for people to like you. When you first meet new people first impressions are pretty important, but it’s also key to just be yourself. Don’t feel the need to be too full on with your new flatmates, as it is important to give them space as well as getting to know them. As well as this, some people think that partying is the best way to get to know your flat mates, but this isn’t necessarily true. Not everyone at university is up for partying or going out. A movie night where you can figure out shared interests is a good way to get to know people. Likewise, suggesting a flat meal where everyone chips in to cook is another way to get to know people that doesn’t mean you have to be in a club situation where it can be hard to talk to people and really bond.

Personalise/decorate your room

This is up there with being sociable as one of the key things to helping you settle in to your student pad. If your room represents you, then it can really help you to feel at home in your new flat. We have written a previous blog about some of our top tips on how to decorate your room, with suggestions on how little things such a bedding or photos can really make your room feel that little bit homelier.

Hopefully from these few tips you can see just how easy it is to settle into your student pad. We have plenty of student accommodation advice across our website and have other blogs all written with the intent to make you feel more at ease with your student experience.