Advice for Living in Shared Accommodation

Our Advice for Living in Shared Accommodation

At some point during your university years, you will most likely end up living in shared accommodation. This can be one of the best parts of university! However, it’s a good idea to take some advice for navigating the shared living arrangements so you can avoid any conflicts or arguments.

Socialise with your flatmates

Living in shared accommodation can be a really fun experience, but you need to make sure that you’re involved with your flatmates. From the time you move in, make an effort to socialise with the other people in your house or flat (you are going to be living together after all). You may even make some friends for life!

Respect everyone’s personal space

Although we recommend socialising with the other people in your shared accommodation, it’s also a good idea to respect personal space. While it’s lots of fun to live with other people, we all need some alone time every now and again. You need to find that perfect balance between being social but still being independent.

Make a cleaning rota

This might sound over-the-top but it’s a really good way to keep on top of the cleaning and prevent arguments. No one wants to live in a messy environment so you can assign different jobs on a weekly rota to make sure that each part of your house or flat stays clean.

Cook meals together

Another great opportunity when you’re living with other people is communal cooking. This will save you all money on your weekly food list, as well as encouraging bonding. There are loads of delicious, easy meals that you can make together such as pastas, curries and stews. Give it a try!

Create a shared money pool

While you’re living in shared accommodation, there will be certain home essentials that you’ll end up sharing. These include items such as toilet paper, washing powder, washing up liquid and sponges. To prevent any arguments about who has bought what, it’s a good idea to create a shared money pool which everyone pays into equally. You can then use this to buy the household essentials!

We hope this post about living in shared accommodation has been helpful! If you are looking for shared accommodation in London, we have a range of great options for you.