The Truth About Living in London as a Student

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The Truth About Living in London as a Student

London is a fantastic place to study but living there is also a very unique experience and one you should be prepared for before you arrive. If you’re considering living in London as a student, we’ve put together some information about what the experience is really like.

It can be expensive and scary at first

One thing to bear in mind from the very beginning is that London is an expensive city.

However, that definitely shouldn’t put you off living here. It’s definitely possible to find affordable accommodation if you do your research thoroughly and consider all of your options. You can also work on your budgeting skills to make sure that you have the necessary finances to live in the city!

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It’s busy and buzzing at all times

As the capital of the UK, London is an extremely busy place to live. This means that there’s always a fantastic atmosphere when you’re walking around and you will most likely never tire of finding things to do and see.

London will definitely suit you well if you like socialising and be around other people. Having said that, there are still plenty of quiet spots and opportunities for solo activities!

You’ll meet loads of new people

The great thing about London is that it attracts people from all over the world and from very different walks of life. If you choose to live in London as a student, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet similar people your own age but you’ll also meet people who are very different from you, which is a great experience.

You can join societies through your university but there will also people all sorts of external classes and clubs that you can join. From salsa dancing through to wine tasting, you’ll be able to meet people who share your interests.

You’ll try things you never thought you would

London is the home of the unique experience. Whether it’s an unusual type of food or a new crazy activity, you can be sure that London will be one of the first places to offer it.

From art exhibitions comprised entirely of neon lights to restaurants where you can dine in the dark, nothing is too strange for London. And, whether you’re North, South, East or West, there will always be somewhere right near you to try something different.

There are also regular concerts, parades and other events going on in the capital. This weekend will be the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park which is on every year. The line-up this year includes Florence + The Machine and Celine Dion. In August, West London will become a hub of music, bright colours and delicious food as Notting Hill Carnival takes place.

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You’ll definitely want to come back again

One of the more difficult things about living in London as a student is when you have to leave! Such an exciting and vibrant city is the perfect place for a student but unfortunately, the university experience eventually comes to an end.

However, that does not have to mean the end of your time in London. Many people decide that they have to come back and visit, even if just for a holiday, and others decide that London is such a great place to live that they choose to make the move there.

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