How to Decorate Student Accommodation

Tips for Personalising Your Student Room

When it comes to moving into student accommodation, the one thing most people want to do is bring a bit of their own home with them. When you move into an empty room, the blank space can often look empty and uninviting. But, with just a few simple alterations, you can make your student room feel inviting and personal to you. Here at Beaumont House, we take pride in accommodating students from all around the world and making their accommodation a home away from home, so we’ve written this blog with the aim to provide you with a few tips on how to decorate student accommodation.



The first and probably the easiest place to start, is giving the empty spaces some personality and style. You can do this by printing out your favourite photos and sticking them up on a pin board. Alternatively, if your landlord or letting agency permits it, you can blue tack photos upon your walls in certain shapes or formations that liven up the room. This allows you to have a constant visible reminder of the people from home and the things you love.



People often forget how easy it is to personalise a room, especially through the use of things such as bedding and homeware. You can get a large variety of bedding designs and colours from different shops. By having fun and vibrant coloured bedding, it adds a lot to a room and helps to make it look more aesthetically pleasing than clinical white bed sheets. By choosing bedding, it will really allow you to style your room, so that it better reflects you. Often, people find choosing a theme for their room helps to tie everything together. If you have a particular coloured set of bedding, why not find some cushions or a blanket to complement this?


Reminders from home

Reminders from home are often a great way to create a cosy, personalised atmosphere and this is a good factor to keep in mind when deciding how to decorate student accommodation. Pick something that will remind you of good memories; a frame with a picture of your family or friends in it, or a favourite poster from your old room. These additions, though sometimes small, will help to keep your new student pad feeling homely and inviting.



This may seem fairly obvious, but having good lighting in your room can truly transform the space and create an accommodating, inviting feel to your new student room. By investing in a desk light, or better yet some fairy lights, it is a great way to brighten up and decorate any space.



Often a carpet in a room is taken as a given and a factor that you can’t really personalise or change. Usually, carpets aren’t the most exciting aspect of a room, and if you aren’t a fan of the colour, a rug is a great way to switch things up. By using a colourful or patterned rug, you can make a boring carpet interesting. It’s a great opportunity to let some personality shine through, too.



Plants are a great way to teach you some responsibility at university. You can get your hands on a variety of plants to go in your student room. If you don’t have a real knack for gardening, you could opt for cacti or succulents as they are easy to look after. Not only will these plants give you something to look after and nurture, but they look great on a shelf in any room and help to fill up any plain or empty spaces.


These are just a few of our tips on how to decorate student accommodation. Whilst you may not be able to change aspects such as the wallpaper colour, the carpet or the core furnishings, it is so easy to put your own stamp on a room with some of the above suggestions. You don’t want your room to become something you just come back to sleep in. You want your new student set-up to be a welcoming and inviting space that you can both relax and study in.