Fun Icebreaker Questions for Students

Icebreakers for You and Your Housemates

 Whether you’re starting university for the first time, or are about to move into new accommodation, it’s natural to worry about what will happen when you meet your housemates. After all, it’s easy to forget that they will be just as nervous as you are.

To help you avoid those dreaded awkward silences, we’ve put together a list of fun icebreaker questions that you can have up your sleeve when meeting new housemates. With these tips, you should be able to move into your accommodation, confident that you can start conversations, get to know the people around you, and, before long, settle into student life.

“Did you have a long journey?”

It’s a good idea to keep your questions casual when you’re meeting your housemates for the first time. One thing that you all have in common is that you have just moved to university (probably away from your parents for the first time), so don’t be afraid of using this connection to get to know the people around you. Other fun icebreaker questions could be aimed at how they’re feeling and whether they’re excited to be moving in.

“What subject are you studying?”

This question is more direct, but it is just as easy to ask. Chances are, people will already feel comfortable talking about their subject (especially if they’ve been going to a lot of university open days), so this is a good way to get everyone to come out of their shells. You never know; they might even be on the same course as you!

“I love your shirt!”

This may be a list of icebreaker questions, but compliments are another great way for you to get to know some of your new housemates. Be kind to them and they will find it easier to open up to you.

“How well do you know the city?”

This is a fantastic question because it can lead the two of you to do some exploring together! If neither of you know very much about your new home, then you could suggest going to find a nearby shop or restaurant. If they already know a little about the area, then you could ask them to show you around.

“Have you decorated your room yet?”

This is another of our fun icebreaker questions that could lead to an activity. You could tell your housemate that you’re not sure how to decorate your room. They may give you some advice, or perhaps even lend a hand, helping you to string up fairy lights and stick photos on your walls (check out our previous blog post for more decoration tips).

“What do you like to cook?”

Once you get to know your housemate a little better, you can start planning for the future. It can get very tiring cooking for one, so something that a lot of students like to do is cook together. Suggest to your housemate that you could share a meal one night, or maybe even cook for the whole house! This is one sure-fire way to bring everyone together.

And that’s it! We hope that you have found this list of fun icebreaker questions useful. They can provide a brilliant foundation for friendships that could last a lifetime. Just remember, it’s important to stay relaxed. Every new student is going to be nervous and they will be hoping to avoid awkward situations just as much as you are. Remember to be yourself and, hard though it may be, try your hardest not to panic!