Brexit’s Impact on International Students

What Impact Will Brexit Have on International Students?

As it gets closer to Britain’s exit from the European Union, many people are asking what the impact of Brexit will be on international students. We look at some of the potential ways Brexit could affect students, both positively and negatively.

Harder for EU Students

Brexit’s impact on international students may be felt most by those in the EU looking to study in the UK, and vice versa. Previously, it has been quite straightforward for EU students to study. There is yet to be a final decision from the government regarding fees or immigration rules for EU students. It is likely that those beginning their study in 2019 will be the last cohort to enjoy the freedoms that EU students currently have.

Drop in Pound Could be Beneficial

However, while there is likely to be some negative impact on EU students who currently have access to the British education system, the drop in the pound might actually be beneficial for international students.

In February 2018, it was reported by The Independent that there had been a rise in the number of foreign students applying to study in the UK, both from the EU and other parts of the world. This may be due to a rush in EU students wanting to get a place before Brexit happens. However, it is also thought that the drop in the pound has made the UK a far more cost-effective place to study.  

Increased Opportunity for South Asian Students

Indeed, while EU students may lose out after Brexit, this may conversely have a positive impact on students from South Asia.

The Economic Times has reported that the post-Brexit visa strategy will be skills-based and is likely to benefit Indian students. This system removes the cap on the migration of skilled workers to the UK. It also gives international students more time to find a job in the UK after graduating, meaning that there are increased job prospects after completing their degrees. All of this may make the UK a more appealing destination for international students from outside of the EU.

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