The Best Student Accommodation in London

How to Choose the Best Student Accommodation in London

Choosing the best student accommodation in London will depend a lot on what you are looking for. While some people opt for the luxurious and pricier options, we believe that part of the fun of being a student is embracing the traditional student accommodation experience!

Particularly in London, where prices are so high, it’s important for students to take into account those more affordable options. Plus, sharing a room with other students is a great way to bond and make lasting friendships. Below, we’ve put together some steps to help you find the student accommodation that works for you.

Set a budget

The first thing you want to do when looking for your new student accommodation is set a budget. London prices can be daunting but it’s also a fantastic place to live and study! If you do your research, there are options out there to suit all kinds of budgets. You might not end up living in a luxury student halls with a gym, a games room and a pool, but trust us - you don’t need all of those things!

Choose a location

The next stage in finding the student accommodation for you is choosing a location. London is a massive city and you want to be well located for attending university lectures and other events. It’s not always possible to live in university halls or find somewhere that is situated within walking distance, but you also don’t want to be stuck on the other side of the city!

Think about the alternative options

You might have a set idea in mind of what your student accommodation will look like but it's important to be flexible. Shared, hostel-style accommodation can be a great option if you enjoy socialising, plus it could save you a lot of money! You develop a real sense of community spirit with your roommates and make some really great friends.

We hope this guide to student accommodation in London has helped you to feel more confident about choosing your new home.

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